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Cajanus cajan (pigeon pea)


Pigeonpea, domesticated 3,500 years ago in India, is a member of the millettioid (warm-season legume) clade within the sub-family Papilionoideae. Many important legume food crop belong to this group including soybean, cowpea, mungbean and common bean. Pigeonpea, being a very important legume food crop, is the main protein source for more than a billion people in the developing world. It is grown mainly in the semi-arid tropic regions (Asia, Africa and Central/South America). A more detailed discussion of its agronomic significance to the developing world can be found here.

Of Special Interest

A high-quality transcriptome assembly is available on these pages, at the Reference Data tab. Also see the LIS genome browser for the pigeon pea 1.0 release.

NCBI taxon3821
GRIN taxon8319

Wikipedia entry

Genome Summary

C. cajan has a moderate-sized diploid genome. The genotype “ICPL 87119” (also known as “Asha”) is being sequenced and assembled by the WGS approach (whole-genome shotgun) using short paired-end reads (Illumina).

Chromosomes2n = 22
Genome size 833 (Mbp)


BAC library and clonesSee linked document to order clonesLinkout »
genome assembly and annotationspseudomolecules, gene modelsLinkout »
genome browserLIS GBrowse for Cajanus cajan (pigeon pea) 1.0Linkout »
primer sequencesIntron-spanning primers based on lista_cajca-201012 (CcTA v2)Linkout »

Reference Data

Transcript AssemblyTranscript assembly lista_cajca-201012 (CcTA v2)LIS reference setsDownload »

Selected References

Current publications on Cajanus cajan at PubMed.

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